I've been thinking a lot lately about the best approach to my journey to publication. Should I go through a traditional publisher? Try to get an agent? Or maybe try out one of the smaller presses that seem to be popping up everywhere? While these are all good choices for some, I have decided that for now I am going to self-publish. This decision wasn't brash, and it didn't come to be easily. I put a lot of thought into this decision and think that this is the best decision for me.

Though it's taken me a long time to put this plan into motion, I actually came to this decision in early 2011. At that time, I sought counsel from all kinds of people: family, friends, fellow authors. I surfed the internet, making lists of potential agents, publishers and the like. One thing that I think pushed me over the edge was the advice I received from a very successful self-published author (Tina Folsom). She told me to get great covers, that series were gold and to be as prolific as I could be without compromising the writing. Great advice! So what did I do? I immediately went out and bought a cover for the first book in the series (Sacking Austin) then promptly sat on the entire project for over a year. Why did I do that? Well, partially because real life does have a way of intruding but mostly I think it was because of my inner self-doubt and truly being afraid of going forward.

Jump ahead to summer of 2012 and the dream was beginning to take place. I had just signed a contract to release a newer work called Love Remembers. I was so excited about finally becoming published and announced the good news to everyone I knew. Then the unexpected happened a month or two later: my publisher closed its doors. I literally went into shock and sadness that lasted about half a day, then I decided that there was nothing I could do about it. Companies shut down all the time, big ones and smaller ones alike. I had no control over this. Yet, I could control my own publishing schedule. I decided immediately that I was going to self-publish (Which I prefer to call Indie-publish). Because I want to start with a series and Love Remembers is (at least for now) a stand alone, I dug out Sacking Austin from the hard drive archives. It needed a little work, but looking at it with fresh eyes is a good thing, right?

With the decision to self-publish Sacking Austin, I also decided to hire a freelance editor and order new cover art. I felt that both of these were important to present a polished and profession product. (Alliteration, anyone?) There was nothing wrong with my old cover, but something about it had always nagged at me. It just wasn't quite what I wanted and when I had ordered it in the first place, I think I had just been so excited to see my name as the author on the book that I ignored my inner voice. Well, now I've got a cover that I love. The rest of the covers in the Score! Series will have similar looks. I am so excited about this project. The heroes and/or heroines in the series are athletes, with each book highlighting a different sport. If you like sports, you're sure to love these novellas, and even if you don't, give them a try! I promise there's not too much technical sports talk. Ha!

Thanks for reading the ramblings of this wannabe writer.

Love and peace-

Lori Beth :)



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