I've been struggling lately with this little gal inside me called my inner editor. I liken the inner editor to the little devil on your shoulder whispering in  your ear, telling you everything that's wrong or stupid about your writing. There's a saying, "Turn off your inner editor and just create!" While I think this is great advice, I also think it's easier said than done.

When writing, especially if not yet published, it's so easy to question every word, every motive, everything. I find myself wondering what people will think about this or that. For instance, they say that many authors' first works or early characters are in many ways autobiographical. And for me, this may be partially true. Because I am writing what I know. I am writing characters and situations that I am familiar with. I do not write fantasy or science fiction. Everything I write has a sense of realism (I hope.). I feel very vulnerable when writing my characters' actions or dialogue because in a sense, these are my words. 

Am I a character in my stories? No, but I can identify with all of my characters at least on some level. My heroines all have some characteristics which are mine, but others which are not. I am not trying to write "me" but because I'm the author, my own thoughts are bound to influence the characters. So I think the challenge is to really let go and let the characters do the talking. Let their story unfold without any regard as to my own personal views or thoughts. I want the characters to speak for themselves, be multi-dimensional and be different from one another.

This is a challenge, but it's one I have to conquer to move forward.

Love and peace,

Lori Beth :)  


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