So I thought I'd go ahead and give you a quick update regarding my current project(s). Right now I'm working on something with the working title, Sacking Austin. Austin Cook is a professional football player who suddenly finds himself single. When he's not really looking, love seems to wander back into his life in the form of a gal who is not his type, at all. They fall hard and they fall fast until he discovers her identity and then everything changes. 

It's still very rough and is not nearly long enough but I think it has good bones and will hopefully turn out well. I hope to get a lot of writing done on this story over the next few days and even though I don't have a deadline for submission, I really want it to be sooner rather than later. My life's pretty busy and tends to interfere with my writing, but I am going to try and focus a little more and carve out some quality writing time.

There are many secondary characters in this story that could have their own story someday and as I'm writing this, I'm keeping that in mind as I weave this story together.

I also have a series in mind for books set in the small town of Wolf Ridge, Indiana. Write what you know. Isn't that what they say? Well, this town will actually be even smaller than where I live but the book will definitely have a rural, Midwestern feel yet I hope the themes throughout will be universal enough to appeal to the masses. This series starts with divorced and single dad Ryan who gets fired from his high school coaching job (basketball, of course, it's Indiana!) at a large urban school in Indianapolis and moves back to his hometown of Wolf Ridge. He will discover that while some things never change, there have definitely been things he's missed while away. One thing he'll learn is that his high school flame, Annie, has died. This will hit him like a ton of bricks and when he comes face to face with Annie's little sister, Elizabeth or Lizzy, who he used to call Lizard, he'll want some answers. But he'll get more than he bargained for. I have a ton of characters in this story, well in the series, and if it ever sees the light of day, hopefully you all will like it.

That's about it for now. I promise to be more prolific in my blog posts. Promises, promises…..


Lori Beth :)



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