Unless you lived under a rock the last twenty years or are incredibly young, you are probably familiar with the television program, Seinfeld. The show is still a favorite in this house. My husband Charlie and I both love it and our kids, while not loving it as much as we do, appreciate the humor and like it, too. Seinfeld was supposedly a show about nothing but I'm not sure I agree with that. It was a show about life, about everyday things that happen to normal people. What? you're saying. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer were normal people? Well, maybe they were caricatures of normal people. Maybe each episode was an example of hyperbole. But it worked. Isn't it the mundane, every day tasks that make up our lives? I think Seinfeld had a purpose and I think this blog does too. This post may seem about nothing, but it is helping me stay focused and keep writing.  I keep having to remind myself that I have promised over and over to post more regularly on this blog. Have I kept my promises? Not really, so far. I do intend to do better this year, however. The main purpose of my blog is to talk about my writing. What I'm currently working on. What I want to write about. What inspires me. And of course, the rocky road to publishing.

Yet, every time I start to blog I can't think of anything to say. Or, I always think of a great idea and wonder if I should save it until a later date when I'm more established and my opinion will matter more. It's almost as if I'm afraid to use all my good topics in the first few weeks. Silly, isn't it? I know! But I'm somewhat neurotic when it comes to writing and blogging, maybe that's why I'm thinking like this. Did I ever mention George is my favorite Seinfeld character?

In any case, what I've done is start a list of blog topics. Other than actual real-time updates of my progress, I feel like I want to talk about things having to do with writing, as well. So what if I end up talking about the same topic more than once, several months (or years) apart. Will that really matter? No, I don't think so because with each post will come new wisdom that comes with experience. 

So there you have it. A post about nothing but the ramblings of my mind. Whew, aren't you impressed? My next post will be about something. I promise.

Hugs and peace!

Lori Beth 
Well, I've tried this before, haven't I? I began a blog once, years ago. I posted once, then promptly forgot about it. Well, I could always make excuses such as my father's illness. It's true that he was sick and died shortly after the creation of said blog, but you would think that having the blog, having the outlet to express my feelings would have been a reason to blog. But you see, I hadn't quite developed the habit or the discipline to blog regularly so I never went back to it. Recently, when a friend mentioned that I really should be blogging, I relented and said, sure why not? So with Jenn's help (Thank you, Jenn!), here I am.

Notice that my blog calls me a wannabe writer. Well, I'm actually a writer already, at least I like to think so. I'm just not yet published. Note I said, yet, as the dreamer in me tries to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize. I will use other blog posts for my list of a million reasons (excuses) why I'm not yet published, so I won't dwell on that now. Also, my next blog is to be on my New Year's Resolutions, which of course include guess what? Getting published! J

Although most of my blogging will revolve around writing, I suspect you'll see other areas of my life bleed in. That's just the kind of person I am. I tend to be an open book when I write, and blogging is, most certainly, writing. You'll get to know my family, which includes my husband and my three children. You'll probably end up knowing about the music I listen to, or the athletic teams I follow. I'll try not to get too political, but those of you who know me, know I will from time to time. I'm quite opinionated and occasionally that may show in my blog posts.

But for now, I'm going to leave you wondering why you came to my blog. It's nothing much yet, but I hope over the next several weeks, months or years, you'll come here and get to know me better. I hope you'll see some progress in my writing, and maybe I'll grow as a person in the process. One can only hope.


Lori Beth Johnson


    Lori Beth Johnson
    Ramblings of a Wannabe Writer

    Aside from being a mother and wife, I'm a reader, a thinker, a dreamer, an eternal optimist... and most relative to this blog, a writer. Here you'll meet the person behind the stories and join me on my road to publication.

    Thanks for coming along for the ride and please come back often! 


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